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Koh Mook Riviera Beach Resort ... formerly known as Koh Mook Nature Beach Resort ... Our name
change reflects our new Blue Ocean Concept ... Cool and Breezy Villas, Suites and Rooms ... ideal
for a warm tropical climate in the Andaman Sea. A perfect getaway for holiday makers and families.
We have different types of rooms to suit different budgets.

We are open all year round, but sea activities are limited during the low season due to
bad weather and strong waves, although there are some days of really good weather.
Best times to visit are between November till April.

We aim to provide a safe and comfortable holiday experience for our guests at great value.

Riviera Resorts Group and Nature Resorts Group is operated by the Lifelong Learning Foundation
which is a non-profit, non-government organization which focuses on community education projects.
The Foundation's projects are funded by the Resorts in which our guests directly contribute to.

Your patronage at our Resorts help us to provide the local community with subsidized quality
education through our numerous projects. Responsible Tourism. Where you can make a difference.
For more information about our Foundation activities, please click here.

Our Resorts employ the local community and we conduct our operations to synergize with the local people.
We buy our fresh food supplies from the local fishermen, use their sea-faring expertise to take guests
on sea tours and activities. Whenever we can we depend on the goods and services of the local village.

Our Resorts were also built by the local people, construction materials were also transported using the
local village boats. We like to think that the local people helped us make us what we are now, and that
we made their lives better by providing jobs and educating them.

Finally we would like to thank you for supporting us and we look forward to making your stay here
the most enjoyable experience yet!
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